Why sports talk radio is better than political talk radio

Sports talk radio doesn't pretend to be about anything important.

Callers to sports talk radio shows more frequently have a clue about the issue at hand.

Sports talk radio hosts are better at talking politics than political talk radio hosts are at talking about sports.

By and large, sports talk radio hosts are funnier.

Bill O'Reilly.

Sports talk hosts usually limit the use of sports metaphors to the topic of sports.

The statistics that sports talk hosts cite are usually much more reliable than the ones cited by political talk radio hosts.

You never hear anyone on a sports station making up nonsense about "The War on Baseball" to improve ratings.

You rarely hear partisan talking points on sports talk radio, because they're pretty useless when trying to predict who will win the American League West this season.

When sports talk radio hosts talk about media bias, they are usually only talking about the habit of East Coast writers to vote for East Coast teams on national rankings.

When people shout on sports talk radio, at least they're only shouting about sports.

Sports talk radio hosts have a much better ability to recognize when they're being unbearably boring.

Red Sox/Yankees is much more bearable than Red State/Blue State.

You will never hear Ann Coulter or anything about Ann Coulter on a sports talk radio show, and if you do, it's not really a sports talk radio show.

(Feb. 17, 2006)

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