Thou dost protest

by Garrison Frost

People in the South Bay generally don’t take to the streets en masse. They’re not big rioters, and they’re not so much for the shouting. But when they’ve got their dander up, when they really want to make a statement, when they really want to make themselves heard, they’ll find a way to do it. They’ll get their point across – but in their own way. Where in some other part of the world, people might graffiti a wall, take over a radio station or organize a boycott, people in the South Bay are more likely to:

  • Form a committee with a witty acronym for a name.
  • Just keep on talking on that cell phone.
  • Let their dog crap anywhere it damn well wants to.
  • Do a For Sale By Owner.
  • Stand in front of a grocery store with a clipboard.
  • Rant incoherently on every item at every City Council meeting for the next ten years.
  • Use a single fin short board without a leash.
  • Do their own freakin’ lot split.
  • Skateboard there anyway.
  • Sit on the volleyball court until someone lets them play.
  • Write an angry missive to The Beach Reporter.
  • Talk to that kid’s parents.
  • Bring their real estate agent to a school board meeting.
  • Park the Winnebago in front of their neighbor’s house.
  • Show up at the Coastal Commission hearing.
  • Start a blog.
  • Switch from Starbucks to Coffee Bean, or from Coffee Bean to Starbucks

(May 25, 2007)

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