George W. Bush's To-Do List

Stay on message
Cut taxes
Emphasize resolution over rectitude
Raise more money
Give Iraq prison blooper video back to join chiefs
Burn Iraq prison blooper video in fireplace
Jog three miles
Crank call John Kerry again
Get advice from B. Clinton on how to remain presidential while apologizing
Call B. O'Reilly
Ask Cheney if there are really aliens
Reduce minimum wage
Raise more money
Lunch with P. O'Neil
Lunch with R. Clarke
Lunch with Condi
Lunch with Rummy

Lunch with Wolfy
Figure out how this damn cell phone works
Read newspaper
Read book
Read this list
Get briefing on everything I need to know
Call Ariel
Figure out how to lead this country well
Figure out how to control out-of-control bad press

(May 12, 2004)

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